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in addition to the fact that it never takes less than 30 seconds for vdownloader to load for me, also took 30 minutes to download and convert a 15 minute video, 10 minutes for a 5 minute video, and an hour for a 30 minute video. the ffmcodec.exe file kept crashing or just plain stopped for no reason (regular occurrance) . it's a memory hog because i couldnt do much else while it was converting. can only convert to avi in the free version, and it's as slow as possible doing that. quite a few dailymotions would never download cause vdownloader says it's an invalid address. i have used other youtube downloaders but this was the slowest. i downloaded and converted 3 youtube videos in about 15 minutes using another program while vdownloader was still struggling with the first 10 minute video. I would prolly use this every little once in a while out of desparation, but i am definitely not going to pay for it

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31 Aug 2010

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