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"Problems with V06 and V07"

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Version .07 has been released at th edeveloper's web site as a doanloadable zip file but appears to be smaller that ver .06x. After unzipping and installing attempts to launch result in red 'x' errors that it cannot locate certain files to execute. Given that the web site still says it can be run from W98 up through Vista, this suggeststhat th eposted file, as well as the copy at the preferred mirros site has a problem. In the end, I uninstalled version .07 and went back to version .06 for the time being.

Sadly, there appears to be no way to contact the developer to flag this problem. I'm in the US attempting downloads and accessing their site at suffix ".es" is painfully slow even on a DSL line.

I've only tested this on a Windows 2000 system so if the developer has limited support to XP or Vista, it is not conveyed. I suspect the compiled program zipped and posted for download is missing parts that help it support W98 through W2K. No way to tell.

  • When it works, it's great.
  • Relatively self-contained.
  • Very easy to use and comprehend what it can and cannot do.
  • Makes for a nice frame through which to do video site browsing and when something is found of interest, download and convert to something Windows Media Player or VLC Player will work with.
  • Version .07 seems to not work. Tested only on W2K.
  • No way to contact developer to flag bugs or to ask for enhancements or suggest new video sites to be included in the menu options. With video sites expanding this will become necessary.
  • On V .06 - Some pre-programmed sites no longer working. This is due to some sites blocking download attempts but also due to some sites changing mission, orwnership, or just plaing going dark.
  • Unknown if it fluses the browser cache after usage. It is essentially framing IE6 (or resident version of IE) within its operational pervue. I manually flush to be sure.
  • Nice utility but if another one like it elerges with support I will switch.

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01 Mar 2008

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